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Gregory LaNave, Through Holiness to Wisdom: The Nature of Theology according to St. Bonaventure (Bibliotheca seraphico-capuccina, 76), Roma 2005, 244 p. (€ 20,00) - ISBN 88-88001-33-6


BSC076Through Holiness to Wisdom provides a detailed look at Bonaventure's claim that "passing from science to wisdom is not assured; a means must be placed in between, namely, holiness" (Hex. 19.3). For the Seraphic Doctor, theology is a true science, albeit not a rationalistic deduction of conclusions. From his earliest works, he recognized that theology depends upon the transformation of reason by grace. His insight into the significance and form of this transformation deepened through his meditations on St. Francis, culminating in a view of theology in which only the saint, whose perception is attuned to the expressive presence of God in creation and revelation, possesses true theological wisdom. In this book, Gregory LaNave examines Bonaventure's understanding of theology as a science, his doctrine of holiness, his view of Francis as a theologian and as a source of theology, and his understanding of theological wisdom. Many modern theologians have warned of the dangers of a division between theology and holiness. The example of Bonaventure "academic theologian, minister general, and spiritual writer recognized as 'the doctor of mystical theology' " provides an important and perennial alternative that merits serious consideration.



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